Blackjack Basics

Blackjack is considered to be one of the most playable and thrilling casino games. The main principle of the game is that a player's aim is to beat the dealer and not to compete against some other players. The objective of blackjack is to reach a 21 card count or a count card which is close to it, but not "bust" it.

This game differs from many other casino games which are mainly games of chance and luck; blackjack requires players to be really skillful and to follow one of several blackjack strategies which, of course, don't guarantee hundred-per-cent win, but it is possible to increase the winning chances greatly. But if one is new in this game, it is necessary to learn all the game's rules first.

Online Blackjack

As internet industry is developing every day and becomes more and more widely-spread in many, if not all, spheres of life, there is no need to go to the real casino any more. One can simply visit one of the numerous online blackjack sites available for gamblers twenty-four-hour a day.

Of course, there are players of the old school which are devoted to the traditional gambling. But in spite of this fact there are millions of blackjack players which find internet blackjack interesting, exciting and profitable. The principles of live and online blackjack are generally similar; the only difference is that the online blackjack dealer shuffles the card deck at beginning of every round.

Blackjack Tips

  • A player should never split on 10s.
  • One has better odds playing blackjack game which uses less than 6 decks.
  • If a player has a hard hand of 15 and a dealer has a 10, it would be better to surrender.
  • If the dealer's cards allow it, one should always split aces and 8s.
  • If the dealer's hand of 7 or even lower, a player should stand on 17.
  • A player should hit hard hands from 13 to 16 if a dealer has a 7 - Ace.
  • If a dealer shows 6 or even lower a player should stand on 13 to 16.
  • A player shouldn't split face cards, 4s and 5s.
  • Every gambler should play responsibly and manage your money.