There are numerous gambling strategies, methods and other instructions which a player can utilize to increase their chances of winning in a game. To help a player understand these rules and increase their odds to win, we have described Paroli system in this article.

The Paroli system is a betting technique also referred to as "Anti-Martingale Strategy". This strategy uses the same method used by the banks in calculating their compound interest in a progressive way. This betting system allows the player to progressively increase their winnings once they win consequently, like a pyramid. This value grows like a pyramid because the player gets the amount that they originally betted plus the amount that they keep winning in successive games.

Before you use Paroli Betting strategy successfully, several important factors must be considered. Firstly, decide on the initial unit value, on which you intend to grow your profits. Secondly, decide beforehand the number of bets which you will play until you draw on the total sum of your winnings and start all over with a new bet. These decisions are dependent on the particular game which you will be playing.

For instance, if you play a game of roulette and begin the game with a unit of $1 and you continue playing the game for 3 consecutive times. If the gambling session starts off with $1 and if you win this first bet, then you will place another bet of $2. Similarly, you can keep doubling the sum of your next bets, until you have played for 3 times consecutively or have lost the game. If you lose the game, then you are required to begin again with a bet of $1.

The Paroli Strategy for betting is perfect for continuous winning streaks as the player can easily increase their bets in winning streaks to win larger amounts of cash. However, this also means that if you lose a particular game, you will only end up parting from that single betted amount. This type of strategy is ideal for games such as roulette or a game of blackjack, but if applied to games like Joker or Lotto, it might be very risky.

Advantages/ Disadvantages

Provided that the player sticks to their predetermined plans, the Paroli system offers lucrative returns to the player, who get a larger return on smaller amounts of initial bets. The player requires less money to participate in the game and this refrain's the player from chasing their losses.

A major disadvantage of Paroli system is that a player may reach their table's limit after consecutively winning the bets. Besides this, the players have little idea of when the hot streak will actually begin.


Paroli betting strategy is ideal for playing progressive games. However, it is important that you plan beforehand the sum of money that you will spend on the initial bet as well as the other consecutive bets. Planning prior to playing will make your gaming experience a lot more pleasant.