The development and evolution of most of the games remains a thing to ponder. The same thing can be said for blackjack as well. Although, the beginning and the end of this game remains a mystery, we have managed to compile a list of the most probable and impacting historical events related to blackjack.

1st Card Games

China has been the witness to the creation of the world's first card game in 10th century. After the success of these printed cards in China, its popularity soon spread across Asian and the Middle East.

These ultimately found their way into the hands of the Crusaders who went back to Europe along with the wealth of products and concepts that they found in Asia. In Europe this card game took the name of "Hazard" and soon witnessed intense popularity. This game "Hazard" later evolved into modern day Poker and other variations of Blackjack that we have today.

Naming Rights

Although, most of Europe already had witnessed the popularity of the card games by 14th century, it actual origin remains a mystery. Some justify that it had originated in 17th century from Spanish game referred to as "Veintiuno", which means 21 in Spanish.

Another group of people claim that the game became popular from the French game called "Vingt-un" which means 21 in French. Yet, another group refers to "Trentuno" which means 31 in Italian and is believed to have originated in 15th century.

Rules of blackjack

Irrespective of what others claim, the origin of blackjack rules has evolved from the French variation of blackjack. Insurance and surrender are the only two variations that were absent in the 18th century.

"Vingt-Et-Un or 21"

Blackjack has now evolved into a royal ensemble of game, catapulted to its current success by the American people, who were also the very last to discover it. Blackjack was introduced in the 19th century by the French immigrants.

From Gambling Halls to the Casinos

Initially, blackjack failed to create the type of impact and audience that had been made by its more Americanized counterparts such as Poker and Craps. To make it more player friendly casinos started adopting these games into their casinos. The special payout for natural 21 and blackjack hand of ace were some of the changes introduced by them. The profitability prospect was soon realized and adopted by some early patron casinos.

Web Gaming Prospect

Blackjack has seen further developments in the 20th century, when online casinos started sprouting across the city. This allowed ardent fans to play their favorite games from any location in the globe as long as they have a reliable internet connection and a computer.

Some of the online casinos also dared to experiment with new variations and twists within the game, giving the player additional jackpots and bonuses.