Oscar's Grind

Players are always on the look out to find an ideal strategy which will help them increase their chances of winning. Ardent believers of these systems, claim that application of these strategies will boost their chances of winning. However, the non-believers give little importance to the unpredictable betting systems and they rely more on their own good old gambling strategy and even card counting. But, there are still millions of gamblers who still opt for applying these volatile betting systems.

One such system is Oscar Grind, which was developed by a man named Oscar. This strategy can be really helpful for a person who is on a hot or a cold streak in game of blackjack. The most appealing feature of this game is that it decreases the players bet when the player is losing and helps the player increase their bets when the player gets a winning streak. Although, this strategy works pretty well in such scenarios, it is not advisable to use them in the online casinos or the brick and mortar ones as in the long run it is impossible to accurately predict any streak.

Oscar Grind is the positive and progressive betting system which allows the player to win rewards, but s quite complicated than the average betting systems. This system allows a player to double their betted amount following a win. Oscar Grind is a type of anti-Martingale strategy system, as Martingale is a negative strategic system.

Application in Progressive Bets

The main aim of Oscar Grind is to help a player make a profit. Therefore, the player must start off with a single unit of minimum betted amount and try to make a profit on that single unit. If the player wins, they stay at the same single unit of bet; this means the player's betting sequence wins after each progressive bet and they must start off from the beginning.

However, if the player loses then they are required to remain at the single bet, but they are allowed to double their bet if they win. A winner can progressively increase the amount of their bets and cover-up any previous losses. Although a lot of players apprehend Oscar Grinds to be a difficult and complex to apply strategic system, in reality it is not too hard to apply!

This system emphasizes more on little perk profits rather than larger jackpots, but this also means that the player has the risk of making smaller losses only rather than big losses. No matter how good strategies are, make sure that you remain within a particular predetermined budget for spending on the games; otherwise you might end up burning a hole in your pocket.