Blackjack Cheating Methods

There are not so many methods of blackjack cheating in comparison with other casino games. But still there are some tips that one can use for winning.

Blackjack Cheating

  • Card Counting

    If it is a land casino, it will turn out to be very difficult to cheat at the blackjack table as all modern casinos provide a high level of security measures, such as cameras, eye in the sky, security guards and numerous computer systems which prevent all possible cheating methods. But if you want to win at blackjack by using some prohibited methods, than you can consider card counting.

    It will require you lots of practice and skill. But you should remember that every casino is watching for every single person in the casino floor, and there are very strict measures for gamblers which are suspected to be card counters as this type of blackjack cheating is considered to be legal in fact.

  • Marking Cards

    This method is the most common. Cheaters use to scratch cards with the help of their fingernails or some other sharp objects for marking the cards in the blackjack deck for further recognizing it. The difficulty of this method consists in the fact that a cheater needs to mark all the cards differently.

  • Switching Cards

    This method is probably the classics of blackjack cheating. But it is for players with a sleight of hands which used to hide one or more cards in their sleeves. But if one is caught switching cards, his winning will be forfeited by a casino.

These are the most popular cheating methods among casino cheaters. It is up to you to decide whether to use them or not, but all players must remember that it is very risky to use cheating for beating the house. Gambling and blackjack history includes a lot of cases when cheaters of different casino games were caught and imprisoned.