Hard Hands

While playing blackjack, it is important to have a set of strategies to use in the game, but having a rigid strategy which applies equally to all the situations is quite difficult to find. You obviously cannot enter a casino with a chart laying out all the strategies; therefore it is a better idea to memorize all the necessary basic moves that you can expect to make in the game.

Hard Hands Blackjack

In blackjack, a hand that lacks an Ace is referred to as the hard hand. We have mentioned 2 of the most widely used strategies for hard hands below:

  • Firstly, if the player gets eight or below, hitting or drawing are the two most viable options.
  • Secondly, if the player gets more than 17 or greater, standing is advisable.

For those players who have a total between 9 and 16, it's necessary to check what the up card of the dealer is.

Players who have a hand total between 9 and 11 can use two different variations of the blackjack strategy. Such players either have the option to hit or double in the game. Player can also double down, if the dealer's card is between 3 and 6 while the player gets a 9. Provided that a dealer has something else, the player can hit. When the player gets a ten, double down must be done by the player and if a dealer gets an ace or 10 then the player must hit. Double down is also advised if the player gets an 11, given that a dealer does not have ace, which will require the player to hit.

For those hard hands that range between 12 and 16, two key strategies exist; the player can either hit or run. If a dealer shows a card anywhere between 4 and 6 and the player gets a 12, then the player must stand and if a dealer shows any other card then the player must hit. This same strategy must be used for hard hands that are between 13 and 16. Under those circumstances, standing is the most viable option for the player, given that a dealer has a value of 6 or less. If a dealer gets a greater value of seven and above, then hitting is the best option for a player.

Coping with hard hands involved in a game of blackjack is not a tough job as long as you can become accustomed to the rules and strategies underlying the game by heart. Once you can apply these strategies, you will surely enjoy a better game and a lasting bankroll.