Soft Hands

When a player gets an ace in a game of blackjack then it is called the soft-hand and is given a value of a 1 or an 11. Basic strategy around ace requires the player to assume that the dealer gets a 10. This is regulated by the existence of 16 out of the 52 cards which is regarded as having a value of 10. You can easily distinguish the appropriate strategy during the game as long as you assume a dealer to have a hole card of 10 and you getting a 10 after hitting.


The guidelines involved with playing your soft-hand has been given below. Following them will surely make your game a lot easier.

  • Soft 13 and Soft 14 games: The ideal strategy for a player in the presence of soft 13 and soft 14 is to hit. However, if the player has a 5 or a 6, then it is wise to double down. In this hand, you are more likely to lose your money as it is improbable to beat the total of the dealer's hand. Only certain cards that have a value below 10 might help you out. A dealer is more likely to bust if they have a 5 or a 6 as their up card. It is wise to for you to double whenever a dealer is likely to bust.
  • Soft 15 of Soft 16: With soft 15 and soft 16 doubling is only advisable if a dealer shows a 4, a 5 or a 6. In the presence of any other cards except these 3 with the dealer, you should hit. The rest of the strategy is quite similar to the previously mentioned soft 14 and soft 13 games. However, standing during these games must be avoided because, firstly chances of you being busted are very low and secondly your hand might improve. Players often try to double down as it gives them the chance to bust the dealer or improve the player's hand.
  • Soft 17: Provided that the dealer shows a 3, a 4, a 5 or a 6 hitting would be the best idea or doubling down. A dealer has more chances of busting if they have these 4 cards and hit. Remember that with the soft 17, 10 is the highest valued card that the player can get, which will take the player's hand back to seventeen.
  • Soft 18: The number 21 automatically makes the player the winner. It is highly advisable that you stand on soft 19, or 20 or a 21. The soft 20 is more likely to make the player a winner; however you need to be a bit cautious with the soft 19 scenario.