Blackjack Betting Systems

Blackjack systems are the key to the winning at the blackjack table. Among numerous tips and advices of how to beat blackjack using blackjack systems is on the top of all.

As the game's predecessor, French "vingt-et-un" appeared approximately in the XIX century the game was developing more and more by blackjack gamblers during many years. As a result all modern players can use different blackjack systems invented by really talented mathematicians and great blackjack players. But every new blackjack player should remember that first he must learn perfectly all game's rules and only than start to follow one of blackjack strategies.

Blackjack Systems

  1. The Martingale Betting System

    This system is considered to be the main among all other blackjack systems. A lot of differed systems are based on the Martingale one. The main aspect of the system is that the player should increase his bet twice when losing and remain his bets the same when winning.

    For example, if the player's first bet is $1 and he loses, the second bet should be $2; if he loses again the next bet will be $4 and so on.

    The negative progression is on the basis of this system.

    The disadvantage of this system consists in the riskiness of its following and in the fact that the player should have a large bankroll. But using it one has rather good chances to win big.

  2. The Labouchere Betting System

    This system is a common one not only for blackjack, but for roulette players either. The same as Martingale, Labouchere betting is also rather risky but not so dangerous because the player doesn't need to have large bankroll for following it.

    The main principle consists in the line of numbers: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8. It is not a particular order; every player should just determine those numbers which will act as the minimum bet units.

    When the game begins, the player should add 1 and 8 (according to our example), that is 9. It means that the first bet is $9. If the player wins this bet, he should cross out 1 and 8 numbers from the line. And if he loses, it is necessary to add number 9 to the original line and to start over again. So, the next bet is $10.